Recently in May, Homestates hosted an overseas Australian property show featuring Brisbane’s riverfront luxury apartment, Nero, in the star city of Hong Kong.

The event, which spanned across two days, garnered the interest of locals and international tourists alike, was touted to be a huge success – thanks given to our guests, developers and, of course, our inspired sales team. Homestates anticipates that the next international stop will be in Shanghai, China.

Designed by multi-award winning Brisbane firm Ellivo Architects, Nero makes a dramatic visual statement with high contrasts and emphatic horizontal flourishes. Capturing both classic style and contemporary punch, the elegant tiered edifice accommodates 107 luxury apartments, a remarkable range of public spaces designed to deliver a true community atmosphere, and dense sub-tropical landscaping that welcomes you to a sense of privacy and sanctuary

Spanning across Brisbane and Darwin, Homestates visited various temples in celebration of Thailand's New Year festivities, Songkran.

The event, which is inaugurally celebrated with copious amounts of water fighting and splashing as a means of respect, well-wishes and washing away bad luck was met with large crowds, statewide.

A big thank you to the guests who attended our booths, and to the local Thai communities who make this event a successful and memorable experience, time and time again.