About us

Holistic investment services, from start to finish

Homestates is a leading Australian intermediary consultancy providing integrated services including property investments, property sales, property management, and immigration and education services.

The Group was founded upon the fundamental belief that property, and its extension as a home, is a long term process. Meticulously pairing each individual client’s needs to their real estate requirements, Homestates successfully continues to provide client-centric services with a full cycle property outlook.

With offices based in Brisbane and Sydney, the Group operates domestically with extensive partnerships throughout Southeast Asia, ensuring that our approach to property, immigration and education considers economic developments on a global scale.

Homestates was founded by a multicultural team of various ethnic backgrounds, ensuring that your requirements for growth and wealth creation are accurately met.


What makes us unique

Homestates supports both Australian and international property investors in building wealth by refining their requirements in property.

Whether clients are seeking to buy, rent, sell, or develop, Homestates offers guidance through a comprehensive understanding of the Australian property market, based on realistic values.

With complementary nodes supporting our clients such as intermediary immigration and education services, Homestates strives to achieve a comprehensive full-cycle suite to suit all needs.

The core values of Homestates reflect the premise of our services, in addition to our approach with clients

  • Fully integrated real estate and property development business, with a central focus on customer service
  • Unique and individual investment strategies
  • Acquisition and development of quality Australian properties
  • Personal attention to client’s interests, needs and expectations.
  • Comprehensive immigration knowledge and application.


Our division leaders

Homestates is defined by our people and the results yielded from successfully achieving client goals. It is through the success of our people that the Group continues to foster wealth creation and establish strong financial portfolios, unique to each client.

Each member of the Homestates team brings a unique combination of specialist skills, experience and perspectives to the table.

Introducing the Homestates team.

Stephen Tam


Stephen’s cultural background, experience in high-level corporate business and passion for achieving a premium result are but only a brief as to why he is the driving force of Homestates Group’s offshore Asia Pacific division.

Previously, as the Managing Director of SEG International Securities in Hong Kong, Stephen was responsible for all acquisitions, including sales and marketing. In 2005, Stephen opted for a new life in Australia, using his professional skillset towards establishing a reputable brand with a focus on client-centric services.

Currently, Stephen leads the charge in representing some of the finest Australian prestige properties in the Asia Pacific region, in addition to acquiring quality investors.

His approach is suited for the best possible environment to achieve maximum returns for each individual investor and financial institution.

Nicole Tam

Managing Director

Nicole brings a wealth of property investment experiences of over more than 10 years to her practice. With significant expertise in sourcing and developing properties, an outstanding work ethic and a wide network of Australian and international business professionals, Nicole provides a platform for clients to establish and build successful property portfolios with significant exposure to opportunities typically unreachable without an extensive network.

Combining practical and hardened experience with industry knowledge, Nicole has created a highly revered name for Homestates in the field of real estate. As one of the primary founders, Nicole supported the organisational vision of Homestates, focusing on achieving the best possible outcome for clients.

Nicole’s carefully selected team, along with the organisational goal of assisting each client with a seamless transition makes the overall investment process a truly unforgettable journey towards wealth.

Clare Yeaw

Operations Director

Clare’s lifelong passion for real estate, business development and supporting others led her to co-found Homestates, allowing her to share her experience and services on a much broader scale.

Clare’s established global network of clients and businesses defer to her expertise as their primary intermediary planner, touting her migration services to be streamlined, accessible and complete. Her ability to consistently source the right business operations to suit each individual client’s requirements arises from her longstanding relationships with legal and financial bodies in Australia. The resulting premium borne from this collaboration ensures that clients receive the highest level of service and satisfaction, in addition to maintaining Homestates’ vision as a full-cycle integrated consultancy service.

Clare’s operations embodies Homestates’ core principal of integrated services by offering clients academic support, ensuring that families receive their preferences for enrolling at their chosen education institutions.

Phoebe Ting

Communication and Business Development Manager

Spearheading the foray into the South-East Asian market, Phoebe’s role as Communication and Business Development Manager ensures that all international Homestates campaigns and channels remain relevant in a consistently shifting landscape. Phoebe’s demonstrated talents in identifying successful strategies across the Asia Pacific is married with her expansive knowledge and comprehension of the region: Her initiatives and contributions as a result have forged invaluable ties to key stakeholders and channels, a tremendous result for the growth and expansion of Homestates.

Phoebe follows the ethos of Homestates closely, ensuring that all prospective and concurrent clients are considered when establishing or refining sales and campaign executions. Through this dedicated approach to her craft, Phoebe excels in ensuring that Homestates is represented, developed and maintained with precision across a litany of channels, both locally and globally.

The Team

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